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Our business objective is to enable you to focus on your business operations, not on your IT infrastructure. We assess your needs, make recommendations, then supply, install & configure the equipment you need – all while you are focusing on your own business operations.

Servers and Workstations

We supply new & refurbished hardware appropriate for specific business computer needs, balancing computing power with your budget. Equipment that we supply is customized and configured for your business needs.

Customized Programming

Businesses can usually find commercially available programs that meet their business needs – but not always. We design, build, and host highly customized applications precisely tailored to specific business processes. Our applications are accessed by any web browser. Users have paperless access to live, up-to-date business data, which means less delay during the work day and faster job progression.

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Network Infrastructure

We handle a wide range of computer network infrastructure, from running structured network cabling in new construction, renovations, and retro-fit installations. From a full-fledged server room or wiring closet, a converted broom closet, or a patch panel on the back wall – we can install infrastructure to meet your needs and budget.

When there is no way to run a cable (for example, across the street or alley) we implement wireless bridging – securely.

We supply, install, configure and customize workstations, laptops, mobile devices, ensuring that the hardware is appropriate for your usage and budget. Similarly we supply printers, routers, switches, battery backups, bar code readers, wireless access points, wireless bridges . . . that match your needs.

Video Security and Monitoring Systems

Our experience with securing both wired and wireless network systems, and securing computer networks from intrusion is the foundation on which we offer hosted (off-site) and on premises video security systems. We offer a monthly subscription service through United Cloud, and stand-alone systems that you own and maintain. Remotely monitor and control local and remote sites in real-time and surveillance recordings with an expandable and adaptable system through Fulcrum Systems. Monitor video feeds from multiple separate locations on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Take advantage of continuous recording, scheduled time frame, or motion-activated recording through Fulcrum systems as one component of the comprehensive IT services we offer.

Hosted business Phone Systems

We are direct agents of the Hosted Business Phone System offered by United Cloud of Calgary, Alberta. The phones communicate over the same network infrastructure (cables, switches, routers) as do the computers. The phones we supply and support look and act like high-end, sophisticated office phones, but inside they are computers – and we understand computers and computer communications. Thus we confidently maintain a coherent digital Information Technology system.

Contact us for more details and to see how support from Fulcrum Systems can catalyze your business operations.

We offer easy access to technical support, through phone, email, remote access and on-site service calls, with direct, personalized contact with our technical staff.