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Phone Systems

Fulcrum Systems is the Edmonton & Area agent of United Cloud, providing business-class VoIP telephone systems to businesses large and small in the Edmonton, Alberta region. We offer free analysis of your current phone system, and, when appropriate, provide a quotation for a phone system that will reduce your costs and provide many new features. We install the systems and train staff and administrators on how to use and benefit from the many features included in the system.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation regarding your company’s phone systems. Simply by carefully analyzing existing phone systems we have reduced phone bill expensens – without making any changes to existing systems. In most cases the phone system and services offered from United Cloud Inc. can further reduce costs and unify company communications.

Features and Options

Standard Included Features:

Manager Web Portal

A dedicated web portal that lets office managers control all functions and features of the company phone system.  Change user profiles, answering rules, time frames, Auto Attendants, Call Queues. Analyze company-wide call logs, review and save recorded calls – and much more.  Upload Music on Hold and special messages (e.g. promotions).

User Web Portal

Each user has access through a web portal to review call logs, listen to and manage voicemail, change personal settings, customize Music on Hold and more.

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls according to customizable time frames and answering rules.  Forward individual extensions to other extensions and/or phones outside the office system.  Don’t miss a call, even when away from your desk.

Call Screening

Listen to the caller’s voice before answering.

Caller ID

See the caller’s phone number before answering. Assign ring tones to individuals or group members.

Do Not Disturb

With the touch of a button, direct incoming calls to voicemail when you don’t want to be interrupted.

Mobile Apps

Tablet, Smartphone, and computer apps transform the devices into office extensions that can send and receive calls.  Connect your device to a WiFi network with a decent Internet service and enjoy unlimited long distance to Canada and the USA.

Multiple Devices on the same extension

Attach multiple devices to the same extension.  Have your office phone, branch office, home office and cell phone ring simultaneously on incoming calls.

Digital or Virtual Receptionist

Streamline efficiency with an Automated Attendant to direct all your inbound calls. Route calls directly to the Automated Attendant, or ring phones first and then send the caller to the Automated Attendant if the call is unanswered. Have different Auto Attendants for Business Hours, After-Hours, Holidays, Special Events, Advertising Campaigns.

Hunt Groups

Configure groups of extensions to ring simultaneously or in sequence so that calls can be answered by any member of the group.  Highly customizable to meet specific business needs.

Call Hold

Put calls on hold while you answer other calls.  Easily return to held calls, transfer calls, join callers together in a conference call, and then leave the call with the callers still connected to each other.

Call Transfer

Choose between Attended Transfer (talk to the intended recipient first before transferring) or Blind Transfer (send without checking with the recipient and let the recipient’s answering rules handle the call).

Caller ID Block

Block your caller Id from being displayed on outbound calls.

Emergency Assistance (e911)

Configure physical addresses per extension if phones are at multiple branch or home offices so that emergency responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency.

On-Demand Call Recording Service

Record calls on your extension with a simple keypad entry. Record what you want, when you want. Enable company-wide recording or selected extensions for always-on recording. Download and store call recordings to your computer.

Music and Messages on Hold

Upload your customized recordings, announcements, advertisements and music of your choice.


When you get a voicemail, listen to it from your phone, from the web portal, or have the recording emailed to you as an audio file and/or as a text transcript.

Unlimited North American Long Distance

Enjoy no-charge Long Distance across Canada and the United States. (Subject ot Fair Usage policies).

Call Conference (3-way calling)

Add a second call to an already connected call.

Call Logs

By extension or by Company, ready access to detailed call records: Numbers of inbound and outgoing calls, time, date, duration. Examine on-line through the web portal, or download as a CSV for detailed analysis.


Dial numbers from your web portal address book or call history by simply clicking on the number to call.

Find Me – Follow me

Forward your calls to multiple numbers (such as your cell phone, home phone, branch office phone that will ring in a sequence that you define.

Company-wide Call Recording Services

Automatically record company phone calls (for selected or all users).  Save the recordings permanently and securely.

Ten-Digit Dialing

You don’t have to dial 9 to get an outside line, or eve dial 1 for North American long distance.

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail as an audio file attached to email. Open the attachment and listen to the audio recording.

Local Number Portability

YES! You can keep your existing phone number!