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Advanced Features

Company Digitial Receptionist (Auto Attendant)

Route incoming calls to a Virtual Receptionist or Auto Attendant, where incoming callers select options from a menu to reach the appropriate department or individual.  Create or Modify the Auto Attendant in-house, or have Fulcrum Systems assist.

Send all calls directly to the Auto Attendant 24/7 or according to Time Frames you define.

Send all calls to a Receptionist, or group of extensions,  during Time Frames you define.  If outside the Time Frame, or if unanswered, route calls to the Auto Attendant.  If after-hours, route calls to an After Hours Auto Attendant.  Calls can be routed to “Ring All” groups, wherein a selection of extensions will all ring simultaneously, or to a “Linear Cascade” where select extensions ring only if higher priority extensions aren’t answered.

Present the option to callers of Dial By Name Directory or by Extension. Route or Transfer calls to external numbers automatically.

Toll Free Numbers

Add a new toll free number, or let us move your existing toll free number to our service. Toll Free numbers allow anyone in Canada or the US to reach you without the caller incurring any long-distance charges. Low monthly and per minute charges.

Local Numbers

Pick area codes for new numbers from over 1,5000 cities or towns. Portray a local presence in any additional market by publishing a local phone number in any area code. Contact us for a list of available cities and numbers in Canada and the U.S..  Add direct numbers for any extension with the same functionality as the main Company Phone Number.

Paperless Fax

Easily send and receive faxes from your email and/or a web browser. No need for a fax machine. Transfer your existing fax number and reduce costs.

Call Centre – Full Featured

Access full inbound Call Centre functions, with call queuing, auto call-back, extensive reporting for analysis.

Greeting Changes

Easily change your greetings from your main number down to individual extensions and Auto Attendants.  Record your own greetings from one of your High Definition Audio telephones. Upload recordings from other sources as well.